Friday, March 9, 2012

life principle 1.0

Money comes, money goes.
money comes back faster as fast it goes out.
(oh i truly believe this principle)

Try to avoid being a cheap skate once in awhile. you'll get well-paid.
in short, karma.

Bow in respect...
towards respect-deserving individuals. do not succumb to sadness whenever you are being opressed / scolded / made fun of.

Just believe...
that something worst will happen to them, in threefold. based on WICCA, this is true. (sometimes making me feel like converting.heh.i still luv u Jesus)

Treat others like how you want to be treated. spit at them, you'll surely get spat at someday. maybe tonight..who knows~

In short, be a mirror.

EMBRACE life...
nothing should ever bring you down.

(unless it's an elevator. or escalator. with electric supply)

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