Thursday, April 19, 2012

Not Hurt

I am still standing,
Little impurities like these are nothing.
I may bleed tears,
Doesn't mean its out of fear.

Screaming my lungs out,
Felt better than just a pout.
Revenge is out of the question,
Let the non-human being take action.

Just bear in mind,
Every action in this world will bear a consequence.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pushing Daisies

Watching Season 1 now.
Not bad.

Oh btw, babyface look,prim today.
No.2 reason I'll stay here longer than expected.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

pembuka kata:
taao jemak tenawan mun dah pc jammed. dunlaaaaaaa..mun tnawan kik susah,tulong lah. ken pikir keu luk nulong ken ka mun ken dah pnah jaet ngah keu sabei? sanggup gk keu melap kabut cookie n oreo. mudip ngah dunia ih mei tlou japah mak. ken patut diem ngah jupiter inan. tp mmandangkan ken mejuk lakei n berkedut agik kman the best i can do is smile n say "sorry,i'm busy.can't help ya.maybe next time." (maybe when dogs can talk)

  1. I love working on Saturdays. Everyone else is still sleeping soundly (back from a wild night or just lamely staying up just because it's a weekend).

  2. I love working on Saturdays because the road is less jammy.

  3. I love working on Saturdays because one quarter of my weekend is spent in the office, so I have a reason to NOT finish the endless household chores.

  4. I love working on Saturdays because I can blog in here like I don't care once I'm done with my work.

  5. I love working on Saturdays because it's counted as a full day which equals to full pay.

Hm, just tryin to motivate myself not to fall asleep on this beany pillow.
Happy working to all you Saturday-working peeps!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Note to God - Charice Pempengco

if i wrote a note to God
i would speak what's in my soul
i'd ask for all the hate to be swept away
for love, to overflow...

if i wrote a note to God
i'd put my heart out on each page
i'd ask for war to end
and for peace to mend this world
i'd say...i'd say...i'd say

give us the strength to make it through
help us find love, cause love is overdue
and it seems like so much is going wrong
on this road we're on...

if i wrote a note to God
i'd say please help us find a way
end all the bitterness, put some tenderness
in our hearts...
i'd say...i'd say...i'd say... (c/o)

give us the strength to make it through
help us find love, cause love it overdue,
and it looks like, we haven't got it through
need some help from You
grant us, the faith to carry on
give us, hope when
it seems like hope is gone
cause it seems like so much is going wrong
on this road we're on

no, no...
we can do it on our own
so, so...

give us the strength to make it through
help us find love, cause love it overdue,
and it looks like, we haven't got it through
need some help
grant us, the faith to carry on
give us, hope when
it seems like hope is gone
cause it seems like so much is going wrong
on this road we're on

Saturday, March 10, 2012


~ imagine With You(reanimation remix) by Linkin Park playin in the background ~

weh,talk behind2 not cool la bro...

Confront me directly.
I will change for the better.
I will change for the world.
I will become a heroine you will never forget. Female-version of Jesus Christ maybe.
I will save the world. Me, not the cheerleader.

...but always remember that no one's perfect. Hire a robot if you want everything's done perfectly.
oh,and can kiss your ass 24/7.
Now, fuckit. have a great day ahead!

Friday, March 9, 2012

The power of SARCASM

cliche-titled song/quote i.e. the power of love, love conquers all, etc...

why sarcasm? not money?

Money is the root of all evil.
Sarcasm is evil.
So, root vs the whole thing? u decide who win.
~sarcastic laughter in the air~

If there's zero dollars in your pocket, at least sarcasm will get you somewhere. You won't easily give up if you know how to look down at yourself (menyumpah diri sendiri, hidup, Tuhan, botol kicap, apit-G dan sebagainya), measure your own capability and hopefully came up with a brilliant idea on how to survive. What I'm trying to say is, be a failure, own it, suck it up, stand back up on your feet and move on.
Still complicated?

Means you're not sarcastic enough. Hah.

I can type out hundreds of sarcastic lines now (due to stress of not getting something I want) but I figured, Friday is a holy day. Right? Whatevvvs.

life principle 1.0

Money comes, money goes.
money comes back faster as fast it goes out.
(oh i truly believe this principle)

Try to avoid being a cheap skate once in awhile. you'll get well-paid.
in short, karma.

Bow in respect...
towards respect-deserving individuals. do not succumb to sadness whenever you are being opressed / scolded / made fun of.

Just believe...
that something worst will happen to them, in threefold. based on WICCA, this is true. (sometimes making me feel like converting.heh.i still luv u Jesus)

Treat others like how you want to be treated. spit at them, you'll surely get spat at someday. maybe tonight..who knows~

In short, be a mirror.

EMBRACE life...
nothing should ever bring you down.

(unless it's an elevator. or escalator. with electric supply)

Monday, March 5, 2012

food please...

my fish is starrrrving --------->
feed them, feed them.

Hanni's wedding reception is coming soon. Need to prep outfit, makeup, gift & bit of makeover ;)

Can't wait to meet all cuzzies. Especially you, NADYA.


Friday, February 24, 2012

Let's go back~ back to the beginning~

Remember this song Hilary Duff's fans out there?
...reminds me that I'm actually a girl. =P

Anyone still jobhunting? Girls,specifically.
If you like indoor-ish job, try shipping company.
Not bad. Keeps you moving on your feet and feeling useful most of the time.

Have a brilliant day! ...kisshugkisshug...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Breakfast anyone?


Must-try. RM1.50 each. yummmmmmm~!

Oh, 2 hours earlier already consumed instant Vico & Munchy's cheese crackers. Burp.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Beautiful day.

Depresssssssing 40 minutes stuck, driving (or dragging miserably) Mr.Kelisa to work this morning.

Tried to block out his negative, lazy-to-live aura along the way.

Hate ignorant motorcyclists. Move your legs off the road!!! Oh, and PLEASE sway your bike right to left like you run the world when you proudly overtake us drivers. It's ok, we are very tolerant and considerate especially when we are already running late for work. It's fine...all good. I hope you die viciously.

I forgot to say Hi. Have a nice, beauuuuutiful day~
(humming I Forgive U by Kelly C)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It's Tuesday.

I still don't get why people would waste their time watching Gossip Girl religiously.
Just an unsolved mystery.

Ok,maybe it's the trendy,supercool fashion thingy they portray? Right.
But the plot and scandalous drama?
I'd rather watch Kimora wax her armpit. More useful information there.

Currently listening to Hilary Duff's classics. Miss her.
I know. Whitney died. Not Hilary.

Monday, February 13, 2012

It's the eve of Valentine!

Where to dine? What to do? Where's the most exotic place to go? oh oh...what should I wear??
* ecstatic *

damn,I left my makeup-kit at home.
* there goes my mood *